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Choosing your Weathervane of Finial

Once you decide where you want it to be displayed, choosing your weathervane or finial is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose a style. This is subjective to your own specific tastes. There is simply no right or wrong here. Think about where you will display them and what style best complements that area.

2. Choose a size. Once you know your style, it is time to decide how large or small you need it to be. Generally, it's size should be relative to the size of the structure or place the finial is going to be displayed: Think "scale" here. The larger the structure or the more prominent you wish it to be, the larger size you should choose.

Using a finial as an example, the images below illustrate the difference between Small, Medium and Large. All finials are shown on the same cupola in order to give you a fair comparison of scale.

Shown with
Small Copper Florentine #102CS
Shown with
Medium Copper Florentine #102CM
Shown with
Large Copper Venetian #101CL

In this particular case, we went with the Medium Copper Florentine Finial item #102CM (as shown in picture below). Due to size of the two car garage and cupola, as well as the distance away from the eye, the Small finial was just not big enough. Although the Large finial would have also worked, we felt the Medium finial did the job.
Keep in mind: a finial will look smaller the further away from you it gets.

3. Choose a finish and material. This is like choosing the color of a car, often the final yet deciding factor in your purchase. Again this is a subjective decision- it’s your choice based on your personal preference and distinctive tastes. Keep in mind where you will be displaying your weathervane or finial so that you choose a material/finish that best complements that area.

Our copper items are hand-crafted from pure solid copper sheet- they are not copper plated. They are the classic option for the discerning person. They will age gracefully and obtain a green patina over time.
Aluminum (weathervanes) or steel (finials) options offer an economical alternative to copper. Aluminum or steel also offer additional color and finish options. For more information on our product see More About Produts.

Every weathervane or finial comes complete with a black powder coated steel rod making it easy to display in our Roof Mount, Garden Pole, or Floor Base. See 
Mounting Options for details on mounting options.

All Dalvento products are warranted for life from any manufacturer defects. See Warranty for details.

To learn more about us, or inquire about our products, you can Contact Us by email: Contact@Dalvento.com or by phone: 1-203-586-5005. 
We look forward to speaking with you.

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