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The Florentine is available in a pure copper or steel option with the finishes shown below.
Choosing Your Finial for an easy way to select which finial is right for you.

Click on images more details.
Small 102CS 24"H x 5"W
Medium 102CM 36"H x 7.5"W
Large 102CL 48"H x 10"W
All Copper
MSRP $220-$450
Small 102VS 24"H x 5"W
Medium 102VM 36"H x 7.5"W
Large 102VL 48"H x 10"W
Verdigris on Steel
MSRP $120-$299
Large 102BPL 48"H x 10"W
Brass Plated Steel
MSRP $299
Black Matte
Small 102BMS 24"H x 5"W
Medium 102BMM 36"H x 7.5"W
Large 102BML 48"H x 10"W
Black Powder Coated Steel
MSRP $120-$299
Black Gloss
Small 102BGS 24"H x 5"W
Medium 102BGM 36"H x 7.5"W
Large 102BGL 48"H x 10"W
Black Powder Coated Steel
MSRP $120-$299
White Antique
Small 102WAS 24"H x 5"W
Medium 102WAM 36"H x 7.5"W
Large 102WAL 48"H x 10"W
White Powder Coated Steel
MSRP $120-$299
White Gloss
Small 102WGS 24"H x 5"W
Medium 102WGM 36"H x 7.5"W
Large 102WGL 48"H x 10"W
White Powder Coated Steel
MSRP $120-$299
Nickel Brushed
Small 102NBS 24"H x 5"W
Medium 102NBM 36"H x 7.5"W
Large 102NBL 48"H x 10"W
Nickel Plated Steel
MSRP $120-$299
Nickel Polished
Medium 102NPM 36"H x 7.5"W
Nickel Plated Steel
MSRP $199
Mini Fini's
Florentine finials are also available as
12" high Mini Fini's that include roof mount.

Click here or on images to right for more details on our new line of Mini Fini's.

MSRP $60-$90
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