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About our Products

A Brief History of Finials

"Finial" is a term used in architecture to describe the ornamental top a roof, gable, turret, or peak. Generally, a finial is made of a base and a spire, some being more elaborate than others. Although the word “finial” was first used in the 15th century, these architectural accents have been around much longer. For centuries, finials have been used as decoration atop the great castles, châteaux, estates, and buildings of all sorts around the world. Finials have become popular in North America as people utilize them to complement their homes, barns, shops, offices, garages, yards, gardens and even feature them as interior décor.

Finials are not just for the rooftop anymore. However, it was once rumored that finials were believed to act as a deterrent keeping witches on broomsticks from landing on your roof.
The word finial is derived from the word final, and in fact, finials often do provide the final or finishing touch on many structures. They are the pinnacle of many buildings, the cherry on top of the sundae.

A Brief History of Weathervanes

Weathervanes have been looked up to for hundreds of years. Popular in Europe, weathervanes were valued for their function as much as their design. Farmers, seafarers, and others would watch the weathervane to get their weather forecast by paying close attention to changes in the wind- an indicator of bad or good weather. It was these Europeans that brought the weathervane tradition to America. Weathervanes quickly became popular in the Colonies for the same reasons they had been in Europe- they were a beautiful piece of functional art.
In those times, a weathervane would often indicate a person's profession or trade.
Captains displayed sailboats and farmers showed horses, cows, and roosters. Everyone related personally to their weathervane.
Today, Dalvento weathervanes are fully functional works of art.
Yes, they'll still tell you if the wind is changing direction (sailors and farmers beware!) and they look great doing so.
Manufacturing Details

All cutting, forming, welding, and finishing of Dalvento products is done by hand using time-proven old-world methods. This craftsman's touch gives each artwork it's one-of-a-kind look making it specific to you.

Each Dalvento Weathervane of Finial comes complete with a powder-coated steel rod, making it ready for mounting into our standard roof mount, garden pole, or floor base.

Every Dalvento Weathervane of Finial contains an interior brass (for copper items) or aluminum shaft for support and greater durability. This shaft allows the
figure to be placed atop it's powder-coated steel rod making it ready to display.
All Dalvento copper products are hand-crafted from 20oz (22 gauge) copper sheet.
All Dalvento aluminum products are hand-crafted from 20 gauge aluminum sheet.
All Dalvento steel products are hand-crafted from 24 gauge (16oz) steel sheet.
Note: Industry standards measure copper sheet in ounces (oz) per square foot, while steel and aluminum sheet are measured in gauge format. (Don't worry, it confuses a lot of people.)

Available in many styles, sizes, colors, and materials, there is a Dalvento artwork that will suit almost anyone's needs.


Dalvento producs are built to outlast most of the roofs they so often adorn. However, over time, alterations may wish to be made. Here are some guidelines predicated on the base metal of the finial.

: Copper will patina naturally over time turning brown after a few years (like an old penny). Then after several years, they will develop a green patina bloom that will continue over the decades of it's life. To keep the polished finish on copper, apply two coats of lacquer spray (available at your local hardware store). This should keep your weathervane or finial looking shiny and new for years to come.
Note: Once you spray copper with a lacquer, it is very difficult reverse the process, so a natural patina will take longer to form.

Aluminum and Steel:
All Dalvento Aluminum or Steel products have been powder-coated and will last for many many years. However, should the need arise, aluminum or steel items can be repainted when desired. To repaint weathervanes or finials, we recommend giving them a thorough cleaning, including scrubbing them to create better adhesion for your paint of choice. For best results use a coat of primer, and 2-3 coats of paint. You can use any spray paint for metal available at your local hardware store.


All Dalvento finials have a Lifetime Warranty from any manufacturers defects. Dalvento will replace any finial with signs of manufacturer defects.

To learn more about us, or inquire about our products, you can Contact Us by email: Contact@Dalvento.com or by phone: 1-203-586-5005.
We look forward to speaking with you.

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