Dalvento, LLC

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About Us

Based in a sleepy little town in Connecticut, Dalvento LLC specializes in designing decorative architectural accents for private and commercial buildings. We have over 25 years of design and development experience. This knowledge and insight is drawn upon and mixed with a little imagination enabling us to create original designs and offer exceptional items for people to enjoy.

Dalvento means “from the wind” in Italian. Wind is a creative and diverse force that is constantly changing the landscape of our world. From the wind we receive the seeds and rains that generate and sustain life. Wind is a herald of change, the usher of each new season. Wind can offer relief on a hot day. It is able to reduce mountains, yet be a clean and renewable source of energy for mankind to harness and benefit. The wind is an eternal force of nature that constantly sculpts our environment. From this timeless element we receive refreshment, renewal, and nourishment of life.

We at Dalvento embrace this romantic concept. It fuels us in what we do so that we may offer you new, refreshing, and beautiful works for your enjoyment. Currently, we offer fully functional Weathervanes and
Finials- decorative architectural accents that are often seen on the roof of many homes and buildings. We are full of energy and ideas and are always working on new items so look for new developments coming soon.

To learn more about us, or inquire about our products, you can
Contact Us by email: Contact@Dalvento.com or by phone: 1-203-586-5005. 
We look forward to speaking with you.

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