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Kyoto Mini Fini- Copper

Mini 106CX 12"H x 4"W
Mount adds 6" to height
Pure Copper Finial with
Black Powder Coated Steel Mount
MSRP $99

  • Hand-made from durable 20oz (22 gauge) copper sheet. 
  • Copper will obtain a patina bloom over time, but it can be treated to maintain it's brilliant luster.
  • Great atop a small structure like a garage, shed, cupola, birdhouse, or gazebo.
  • Comes as shown with black powder coated roof mount and powder coated steel rod (11/32" diameter) for easy installation
  • Built with an interior brass shaft for durable support when displayed.
  • Looks great on the roof or even in the yard or garden! See Ways to Display for Garden Pole option.
  • Display without mount as a free-standing attractive tabletop display.
  • Finial 12" high standing alone and 23" high including roof mount.
  • Warranted for up to three years. See Warranty for details.

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