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Dalvento, LLC is a leading designer and producer of original architectural accents for the home and garden.

Currently, we specialize in fully-functional Weathervanes and
Finials- decorative spires that are often seen on the roof of many homes and commercial buildings, but also enhance the beauty of the landscape.

All Dalvento weathervanes and finials are hand-made from quality materials by old-world craftsman using the tried and true techniques of days long past.
Dalvento is pleased to share these creations with you.

Below are examples of our designs. Click on an image or visit our Weathervane or Finial page for details and information including a wide selection of finishes and sizes.

Available now in Copper or Aluminum

Debuting in 2018, these weathervanes are all new and available now. We design our Weathervanes in-house right here in Connecticut USA. They are all hand-crafted by old-world craftsmen with decades of experience. Decorative and functional, a weathervane will look great on your home. Find the one that's right for you!


Introducing Dalvento Directionals and Dalvento Globes

A graceful new style for your Weathervane
Need parts for your existing weathervane figure? We've got them here for you. Choose from new Dalvento-styled or Traditional-styled Directionals, Globes, and Installation Rods. We have everything you need to make your weathervane complete and working again.

The Dalvento Difference
We offer you a choice of two types of weathervane parts for your weathervane. Choose your favorite. Dalvento Directionals and Globes or Traditional Directionals and Globes.

Dalvento Directionals and Globes
Traditional Directionals and Globes
NEW  Dalvento Directionals  NEW
  Elegant curved design with
open spacing between lettering

NEW  Dalvento Globes  NEW
  Wider more prominent beaded seam
around the center of the ball

Traditional Directionals
  Straight edged design
with block lettering

Traditional Globes
  Raised seam around the center of the ball

Copper or Steel
The decorative finishing touch on your home. Offered in Copper or Steel, finials look great on the rooftop or in the yard or garden. All Dalvento finials are hand-made from quality materials by old world craftsman using the tried and true techniques of the ancients.
Roman Finial
Venetian Finial
Florentine Finial
Bostonian Finial

Kyoto Finial
Londoner Finial
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